5 june 2023

Brasileira wins the AHRESP 2023 award, in the category of Establishment with History

The seventh edition of the AHRESP awards distinguished A Brasileira as a historic Café that contributes to the recognition, appreciation and protection of historical and cultural interest.

Pátio da Galé, in Lisbon, was the stage for the seventh edition of the AHRESP Awards, an event that annually distinguishes and rewards the best companies, institutions, establishments, professionals and other outstanding personalities in the catering, hospitality and tourism in Portugal.

In this edition, more than 300 applications were received. In each of the 13 categories in the competition, five finalists were selected by the Selection Committee, made up this year of 43 specialist members and professionals from the areas of catering, hospitality, and gastronomy, as well as renowned journalists, critics and gastronomists.

In front of an audience of hundreds of guests linked to hospitality, A Brasileira won the award “Establishment with History”, a category that distinguishes historic spaces by its level of relevance, recognition, and contribution at regional and national level and by the contribution for the sector.

On the same day, the digital newspaper Mensagem de Lisboa, with its emotional headquarters in A Brasileira, was awarded by Sapo awards, which distinguish the best in communication, as Media of the year.

With more than a hundred years of history, A Brasileira has been classified, since 1997, as a property of public interest and is one of the oldest and one of the only three cafés in Lisbon that crossed the entire 20th century and remain open. In 2017, the Lisbon City Council considered A Brasileira as a «Shops with History», based on the cumulative interest of its activity, as well as the existence and preservation of material, cultural and historical heritage elements. In 2020, joining The Value of Time Group, A Brasileira launched the digital newspaper Mensagem de Lisboa, bringing a new perspective to community journalism and that same year re-edited the book Mensagem, by Fernando Pessoa to celebrate the poet, aiming to make known to the world his work in a special edition.

Brasileira is now part of the Historic Cafés Route of Europe. It was there that one of the most ingrained habits in Portuguese culture was created, drinking coffee, and where the term «bica» was born. Due to its privileged location in the heart of Chiado and being a historic Café that preserves its original character, architecture and decoration, it contributes to raising the sector to a level of excellence that dignifies tourism in Portugal, a status that is affirmed with the relevant distinction that now received.