July 21, 2021

Hästens Sleep Spa - CBR Boutique Hotel highlighted by TIME Magazine in Annual World's Best Places List

The prestigious TIME magazine revealed yesterday the third annual list of the Best Places in the World, which highlights 100 extraordinary tourist destinations. Among them, only two are Portuguese: the suspended bridge in Arouca and the city of Coimbra, highlighting Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel, the only hotel in Portugal on the list, presented as one of the new and most exciting experiences of the year.

Located in Coimbra, one of TIME’s 100 must-see places of the year, the city is famous for the extraordinary Joanine Library, which has inspired the decoration of the hotel. Along with the Hästens beds, the Library sets the motto for a full body and mind wellness experience; for the oldest university in the country (and one of the oldest in Europe), and also for the Coimbra Centre of Contemporary Art and the renovation of the Santa Clara-a-Velha Monastery.

To compile this list, TIME has gathered nominations of locations – including countries, regions, cities and towns – from its international network of correspondents and contributors, with the purpose of offering new and exciting experiences.

A distinction in TIME magazine, one of the world’s best known news magazines published in the United States of America, is something extraordinary and unique. A global projection of this dimension that highlights a recently opened Portuguese hotel is the declaration of a public recognition that validates a distinguished hotel concept, focused on a superlative sleeping experience.

Find out more about this distinction here and discover the full list of the 100 most extraordinary places in the world to visit, in TIME magazine’s 2021 list, at this link.

Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel

We live in a world where stress and a fast pace are increasingly governing our lives. Scientific research shows evidence of the importance of deep, restful sleep as an essential asset for our brain and body to regenerate.

Several international media have recently published articles on the importance of sleep, highlighting Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel as an experience that should not be missed, such as The New York Times, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar or Sleeper Magazine.

Hästens Sleep Spa is precisely a unique and exclusive wellness experience focused on sublimation of sleep, in deep contact with the history of Portugal. In a tribute to the Joanine Library, recognised as one of the most original and spectacular European Baroque libraries, in a city with over a thousand years of history that hosts one of the most prestigious and oldest Universities in the world and the oldest in Portugal: Coimbra.

This inspiration motivated Hästens, the most prestigious bed brand in the world, to choose the O Valor do Tempo Group and the city of Coimbra for the worldwide launch of the Hästens Sleep Spa brand. Here, every detail has been meticulously prepared and each room has been carefully designed in a perfect fusion of history, luxury, absolute comfort and an exclusive and personalised service.

In this sleep spa concept, the main protagonist of the experience is the Hästens bed. In all 15 rooms the beds are Herlewing, a limited edition of 200. In addition, the menu of Hästens pillows offers guests the possibility of choosing the one that best suits their preferences and needs, with more or less volume, greater or less density, more or less firmness, helping them breathe better, as well as Hästens duvets and bed linen.

But there is more. As part of Dr Edie Perry’s partnership with Hästens, the hotel is offering a TV channel with exclusive short videos for hotel guests with advice on how to sleep better, so they can learn from a leading expert on sleep and get the best out of their Hästens beds.

Additionally, the hotel recommends guests to use the Restore app, with a selection of audios carefully and scientifically thought out for maximum well-being, in specific soundtracks for each moment of the day.

All common areas of the hotel are exclusive to guests, increasing the feeling of privacy. The private garden is a captivating space that creates a graphic and chromatic play on the combination of ornamental plants and stone sculptures. and the rooftop offers a wide view over the Mondego River and the city, to enjoy with a drink, a good book and good company.

The experience outside the hotel is also enhanced, with tailor-made moments. A guided tour of the Joanine Library, prepared exclusively according to the guests’ preferences, where they can consult and touch antique books on the subjects that interest them most, visit the prison, get lost in a guided tour of the Physics Museum and Natural History Gallery, enjoy an exclusive concert played on a pipe organ, enjoy a welcome drink in a historic area of the university or delight in an exclusive gastronomic experience in the São Marcos Palace, are all moments that the hotel can add to the experience.

The value of the experience is €500 per room and all F&B requests are included as a courtesy of the hotel, to ensure the full wellbeing of guests, so they don’t have to worry about additional expenses during their stay.

Hästens beds

At Hästens Sleep Spa, rest is highly valued, and sleep is exponentially enhanced, ensuring that the whole body relaxes ergonomically and without pressure points.

The beds offer this supremacy of sleep. They are made by master craftsmen using traditional methods since 1852, using exclusively sustainable resources and natural materials, such as horsehair, a wool and cotton blend to provide maximum comfort, linen, pine wood (which reflects Hästens passion for nature using certified woods) and an exclusive, patented spring system. Each bed takes around 200 hours to produce, in an entirely manual process and it is in this unique combination that the best sleep happens and the perfect conditions are created for the body and mind to meet harmoniously to ensure physical and mental rejuvenation – something only comparable to the feeling of resting on a cloud.

Inspiration from the Joanine Library

With the representation of over a thousand timeless literary works, the decoration of the Hästens Sleep Spa invites you to look at the world through the eyes of some of the most outstanding authors in the history of world literature.

On the upper floor, which now includes a room with a superb view over the city – the same floor where the headquarters of the Coimbra Old Students’ Association used to be, which met there in order to promote academic solidarity and the prestige of the University of Coimbra – it is possible to contemplate a symbolic bookcase of literary works, all written by old students, selected by the Association itself, at the invitation of the Hästens Sleep Spa in a close relationship with the University.

The bathrooms are also a sculptural piece, adorned with 1,200 hand-carved marble and gold-plated book spines. The spines of the books – which took four months to produce by the hands of 18 people – are engraved with titles by Portuguese and international authors.

The lobby is an inspiring gallery-space. Lined with mosaic with 419,992 small pieces arranged geometrically from the floor to the walls, it extends to the ceiling in a representation of the bookshelves and ornaments of the Joanine Library.