October 3, 2022

Portuguese brand Comur wins International
Retail Award

Creative Retail Awards is an annual distinction that recognises and rewards innovation and excellence in design and retail experience. This year, for the first time, a Portuguese brand won an award: Comur – the Cannery of Portugal.

The ceremony took place in London on September 22nd. Organised by the Shop & Display Equipment Association (SDEA) and Retail Focus magazine, the event is the stage for the best in consumer experience in the world, highlighting the best examples of retail in 20 different categories, such as shop design, lighting, visual merchandising, display systems or innovative technology.

Among the 20 categories, the “Judges’ Choice” Award is given annually to a store that stands out in the evaluation process of the jury, made up of leaders and specialists in the sector, and that is worthy of recognition for revealing itself as a place that provides a truly unique and special experience. The ceremony closed with the announcement of the Judges’ Choice Award, which this year was given to Comur of Coimbra, from the Value of Time Group.

With a decoration inspired by the Joanine Library, one of the most spectacular 18th century European baroque libraries located in the University’s School Palace, Comur in Coimbra is a faithful portrayal of the library’s noble floor and an immersion in a different and innovative consumer experience.

With hundreds of candidates from all over the world, from brands such as Chanel, Coach, Cartier, Adidas, Nike, The Heineken Company, Harrods, Imperial Tobacco or Tesco, this distinction, awarded for the first time to a Portuguese brand, is particularly relevant. Three other Portuguese brands reached the shortlist: The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine, The Beer Museum and Joalharia do Carmo, which was distinguished with the “Highly Commended” Award.

See the full list of winners, here.

About Comur

Inaugurated in 1942 in Murtosa, Aveiro, Comur is today one of the major flagships of the Portuguese canned fish industry. Initially dedicated to exporting eels, it currently produces around thirty varieties of canned fish, meticulously crafted by the experienced hands of over a hundred women who transform the flavours of the sea into delicious delicacies using artisanal production methods. With 22 stores in Portugal, Comur is a brand of The Value of Time Group which is committed to differentiation and a value-added experience that allows it to tell its story and the History of Portugal through Portuguese canned fish.