May 9, 2022

The Bread Museum celebrates International Museum Day 2022 with a program aligned with ICOM – International Council of Museums

International Museum Day, celebrated annually on May 18th, was established in 1977 by ICOM to raise public awareness of the role of museums in the development of society, launching each year a new theme celebrated by museums around the world.

This year, the Bread Museum in Seia joins this international event with a program aligned with the defined theme and reinforcing the museum’s ties with society through cultural activities for all audiences.

The power of museums

In 2022, under the motto “The Power of Museums”, the power museums have to transform the world is highlighted. Unique places of discovery that teach about the past and open horizons to new ideas – two essential steps in building a better future. Museums play a relevant role of intervention in society through their relationship with the community, with culture and with education.

Activities for all, at the Bread Museum

The Bread Museum is associated with this event with a diversified program accessible to all. On the evening of May 14th, families are invited to knead their own bread, which will be baked in the museum’s wood-fired oven, while learning more about bread and its history. Each family will have the opportunity to mint their own bread, the same way it was done in the past in the community ovens, to distinguish each family’s bread. The stamps, also known as “pintadeiras” or key rings, were used to mark the dough before baking, and as a symbol of popular expression, they took on the role of affirming more affluent families. The people made the marks on the base with simple stamps and the nobles on the top of the loaf, with elaborate stamps.

On May 18th, Portuguese primary and secondary schools will be invited to participate in a Peddypaper on the theme of the Bread Cycle. Children aged 6 to 12 years old from all over the country will have the chance to spend a fun day while learning about the most universal of all foods. Both events are free of charge, but prior registration is required. See the conditions of participation at

About ICOM

Created in 1946, ICOM is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the world’s natural and cultural heritage through guidelines of good practice disseminated by national commissions active in 146 countries. Each year over 40,000 museums take part in the annual event organising programmes involving guided tours, concerts, theatre, cinema, books, historical re-enactments and conferences. Each year ICOM selects a theme that is at the heart of society’s concerns, and this year the focus will be on the role of museums in a changing world, and how these cultural spaces can use their human and heritage resources to improve the life of society.

About the Bread Museum

Opened in September 2002, in Seia, in Serra da Estrela Mountain, the National Bread Museum is today one of the greatest references in museology in Portugal and the largest complex dedicated to the subject worldwide. Offering a multi-sensory experience through visits to the museum’s four thematic rooms, a Bar-Library, a traditional grocery store and a restaurant, the Bread Museum continuously collects, preserves and exhibits objects and heritage of Portuguese bread in its ethnographic, political, social, historical, religious and artistic aspects. The transversality of the theme “Bread” makes this space a true icon regardless of age, gender, race or creed.