Recruitment and personal development

At Valor do Tempo Group we believe in the value and power of people as an essential asset for the success of our business.  We want every individual to develop their potential and believe there is always room to overcome and reinvent oneself.

Commitment, innovation, creativity, dynamism, a proactive approach, and humility are the values that motivate over 700 employees at O Valor do Tempo Group, who work passionately as a team, every day, spontaneously transmitting this passion to our customers.

The inner talent of our people is our greatest asset; it is an essential source of energy for the group and a strategic pillar for our activity.

What can you expect?

We are constantly evolving.  From the beginning, the internal promotion of our team members has been critical to our continued growth together.  O Valor do Tempo Group offers a challenging and valued professional career as part of a relationship that is based on mutual high standards, encouragement, and respect.

Events for continuing professional development in the various company departments seek to enhance our employees’ professional skills and excellence in customer contact.

Open communication
Internal communication channels with our employees are a preferred means that allow us to identify opportunities for improvements in performance, our spaces and working relations.

Recognition of merit
Identifying individual skills and promoting dialogue are key to enhancing the best in each person and serve as a stimulus for development and professional excellence, rewarding each employee’s performance impartially and transparently.

What we expect from you

We are looking for individuals who are passionate, enjoy learning, and want to improve their performance all the time, putting professional goals before personal goals.  Resilient individuals who are prepared to make a commitment, and who share our enthusiasm for added value and differentiation. 


At O Valor do Tempo Group, we value loyal people with a well-developed sense of ethics, who contribute to a happy and harmonious environment in the workplace.

If this is you, and if you would like to be part of our world, let us know – introduce yourself by sending us your application to: