Group profile

O Valor do Tempo Group offers unique, exceptional experiences in a hymn to Portugal, remaining insatiably curious and disrupting conventional logic.

We consider courage to be the real starter for any good idea and this has been our great compass on a journey that has taken more than two decades. We started with the Bread Museum and since then we have been demonstrating, in each project, that it is worth daring to think differently, keeping our identity and our heritage intact. We are proud of Portugal, we admire our history as a people, and we very much wish to contribute to affirming our country as a benchmark in the world.  We do that by adding courage to creativity, and daring to innovation, all qualities that historically define us so well as a people.


Honouring history has been the purpose of O Valor do Tempo Group from its very beginning.

We believe that the origins of something hold a magic that cannot be beaten or copied by any automatic process and is the real source of value; in each of our brands, going back to the origins – ironically, so simple, and obvious – is the great revelation of our success.

The passion for Portugal is crystallised in the appreciation of its cultural and gastronomic heritage, transforming precious gems of Portuguese history into iconic experiences that are dignified and honoured in carefully prepared spaces full of history and magic – this appreciation is essential and common to all the Valor do Tempo Group brands.


Our roots in Serra da Estrela, made us what we are today.  We believe and defend that the nature of what is real and genuine is timeless and far-reaching and that is why authenticity is at the heart of our approach to the economy and is inevitable as part of our business model.

Legitimizing that belief, The supply of certified Queijo da Serra DOP (Serra mountain cheese) to Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau through the Group’s own shepherds, or working with independent shepherds in the region, delivers the sustainable supply of a strategic product, ensuring food safety and availability while highlighting and recognizing the important work of those who are at the origin of the process, elevating and promoting the continuity of shepherding as an occupation.

At O Valor do Tempo Group, authenticity is a choice, not a consequence.

A sustainable and integrated business model

The Valor do Tempo Group’s business model features a high level of integration and sustainability based on the ability to create and establish links with the origin of the process; then, the product is brought to the consumer using a different, innovative approach.

Preserving natural resources, ensuring that ancient professions and methods continue, and promoting origins and authenticity are the values that set us apart and consolidate out strategy of being different and adding value.  These are essential components that, we believe, can make the way for a new concept in sustainable business with a firm commitment to society, history, and heritage.

Our business model, based on a long-term vision, values Portuguese heritage, stimulating creativity and excellence with which we present it to the public.  To ensure the proper appreciation of the historical Portuguese products with which it works, the Group prefers a strong proximity to the final consumer through the tourism and leisure sectors. It operates 40 spaces in Portugal through 13 flagship brands: Museu Nacional do Pão, Museu da Cerveja, Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, Quinta da Lagoa, Silva & Feijóo, Casa Pereira da Conceição, Confeitaria Peixinho, Comur (including O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa and Fábrica das Enguias brands), Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel, A Brasileira do Chiado, Mensagem de Lisboa, Joalharia do Carmo and Figurado de Barcelos – O Valor do Tempo.

Historical Landmarks

  • 1996

    Gathering of the collection on the subject of Portuguese Bread begins through the purchase of documents and objects from antiques dealers, second-hand books dealers, auctions, and donations.
  • 2002

    Opening on 26 September of the Museu do Pão (Bread Museum) in Seia, Serra da Estrela, one of the largest museums in Portugal and the largest complex dedicated to the subject anywhere in the world.

  • 2003

    First event catered by the Bread Museum: grand opening of Estádio da Luz, on 25 October.
  • 2007

    Silva & Feijóo, a grocer specializing in traditional Portuguese items established at Rua dos Bacalhoeiros in 1919, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 12 November.

  • 2012

    On 20 March, Museu do Pão (the Bread Museum) reaches the one million visitor mark before reaching its tenth anniversary.


    Opening of Museu da Cerveja (the Beer Museum), in Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon, on 10 June, a venue serving food and drink that presents the history of beer in a tour through more than 100 Portuguese craft beers, with the largest outdoor eating and drinking area in the country.

  • 2014

    Silva & Feijóo opens a new store on Rua de S. Nicolau in Lisbon on 4 May. 

  • 2015

    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau on Rua Augusta, Lisbon on 4 May.

    Comur – Fábrica de Conservas da Murtosa (Murtosa Cannery), established on 7 November 1942, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 30 September.

  • 2016

    Opening of Fábrica das Enguias (Eel Factory) on Rua da Prata on 15 March.


    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, next to Torre dos Clérigos, Porto on 2 April.


    Opening of O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa, Rossio, in Lisbon on 3 November.

  • 2017

    Casa Oriental in Porto is refurbished under the Comur concept and joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 20 January.


    Opening of O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa at Lisbon Airport on 27 April.


    Opening of Comur store on Rua da Prata, Lisbon on 18 December.

  • 2018

    Opening of the first Comur store at St George's Castle, Lisbon on 19 April.


    Confeitaria Peixinho, established in Aveiro in 1856, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 22 February. The store is refurbished into a boutique shop, the original recipe for Ovos Moles from Aveiro is kept, and the store reopens to the public on 8 August.


    Opening of Comur in Faro on 7 July. In Évora on 4 August. In Aveiro on 6 October. In Coimbra on 10 August. On Rua dos Bacalhoeiros in Lisbon on 15 October. At LX Factory, Lisbon on 27 November.

  • 2019

    Casa Pereira da Conceição (established in 1933) on Rua Augusta, Lisbon, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 8 January and reopens to the public on 10 January.


    Opening of Comur at Porto Airport on 9 February. At Chiado, Lisbon on 26 March. In Ponta Delgada on 30 March. In Óbidos on 25 April. A second store at St  George´s Castle, Lisbon on 11 May. In Funchal on 8 July.


    Opening of O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa in Lóios, Porto on 1 March. In Cascais on 26 May. In Braga on 25 August. In Sintra on 23 November.


    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau at St  George's Castle in Lisbon on 11 May and in Gaia on 23 December.

  • 2020

    A Brasileira do Chiado, one of Lisbon's oldest, most iconic cafés established in 1905, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 2 March.

    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau next to Santa Justa Lift at Chiado, Lisbon on 13 July.

    Quinta da Lagoa in Nelas, with its herd of 700 "bordaleira" breed sheep and in-house production of Serra da Estrela DOP Cheese, joins O Valor do Tempo Group on 16 September.

  • 2021

    Launch of the digital journalism project« A Mensagem de Lisboa », with emotional headquarters at A Brasileira do Chiado, on 22 February.


    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau in Cascais and Aveiro, on 5 april.


    Opening of Hästens Sleep Spa – CBR Boutique Hotel, on 25 May.


    Opening of Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, in Cais do Sodré, in Lisbon, on 31 July.


    Joalharia do Carmo, founded in 1924, in Lisboa, joins Grupo O Valor do Tempo on 1 July, reopening on 2 August.


    Opening of Barcelos Figurines – Grupo O Valor do Tempo, in Lisbon, on 19 august.


    Opening of Queijadas Finas de Sintra – Eugénia de Jesus, in Lisbon, on 1 October.


    Opening of Confeitaria Peixinho, in Lisbon Airport, on 30 October.